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Design Build: Renovation Specialists

Design. Permits. Architect and Structural Engineer. Licensed Tradesmen. Custom Home. Kitchen and Bath. Electrical. Plumbing. Handyman.

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The CNS Experience.

Renovate. Design. Create. Custom. Build. Your home is where you live and build memories. With professional improvements you maintain the residence, and increase it’s value. Build your equity while living in a happy environment.

Guiding Principles

Good businesses adhere to guiding principles CNS lives by the principles of quality construction, honesty, and fair pricing. We live by the motto: Treat others the way you want to be treated. We work together with you and your family to get your job done on budget and on time.

CNS is a licensed and insured business and has helped hundreds of clients over the years.

More Than Work

Your work should be your passion, so we work with people who care about what they do and strive for excellence. Our customers are treated no differently than our own families and great respect and care will be given to your project.

Beth Brant

Stephen from Cns did an amazing job at renovations on my bathroom. He was always pleasant and work was completed ahead of schedule. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who needs renovations.